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No matter what time of day or where you are on the Sunshine Coast, trust us to provide fast, safe and reliable transport services at low fixed rate.

Disability services

Suncoast Cabs has a long standing history in providing the highest quality transport services for clients with disabilities on the Sunshine Coast. We have a fleet of 28 wheelchair accessible Taxis that can transport up to 2 wheelchairs at a time. Our drivers are highly trained to meet the needs of all clients.


Download the Black & White Cabs App, and gain access to a National Fleet of Taxis. 


Suncoast Cabs has a dedicated Airport Taxi rank located right outside the departure doors of the Sunshine Coast Airport. We liaise with every Airline to meet every flight and have Taxi’s waiting there for your convenience. Direct, personalised transport to get you where you need to go comfortably and efficiently. If there are 3 passengers or more we are cheaper than catching an airport shuttle.

Check out our Apps

We have Android and iPhone apps that allow you to book a taxi and even see how far away they are from you!