Suncoast Cabs customers may have noticed some minor changes to the way they book their travel lately. We were recently acquired by Black & White Cabs, and are operating “Business as Usual”, but have made some minor changes to our booking products as a result of joining the Black & White Cabs National Fleet.

There are some detailed instructions below for those who may have noticed changes and have some questions.

Cabcall Customers

If you were using the Suncoast Cabs Cabcall portal, your access to the portal will remain the same, however you will need to use a new link to access it. You can access the new Cabcall portal by clicking the below link and logging on as per usual. We would recommend “bookmarking” the new page once you have it open, and then deleting the old bookmark.

All of your login details will remain the same.

App Users

App Users will notice that the “Suncoast Cabs” App has discontinued. If you would like to book a Suncoast Cab Taxi, you will now be able to do so via the Black & White Cabs App. This app will allow you to book Taxi’s across the country.

Webbooker Users

If you previously used the Suncoast Cabs “Web booker” product, you will now be able to choose between two similar options.

The Black & White Cabs website booker is a free online booking product that allows you to quickly make bookings and get fare estimates.

The Cabcall product is another free online booking product, that is best suited to businesses and groups who need to make regular bookings. 

Both options are linked below.

QR Code Users

If your business has a QR Code booker, please contact “” to arrange replacement signage.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to the Suncoast Cabs team via email –